Friday, June 17, 2011

Stunning what?

I received two responses from the government in last 15 days. And both were absolutely stunning.

Their first response to my question on Cabinet Secretary's appointment read as follows( and I quote it verbatim here):

"The file for the appointment to the post of the Cabinet Secretary is not sent to the President of India, who is the appointing authority of the Cabinet Secretary."

How does the above mentioned sentence in English-language speaking world make sense? And they give to me in writing an admission of illegality which I was always suspecting and pursuing since last one and a half years now.

I am stunned.

Their second response to my email send to grievances' cell( this is different from RTI) pointing out that the law be followed by having the appointing authority to appoint the Cabinet Secretary was given the response that( I quote verbatim again) :

"This is a suggestion and not a grievance."

An email saying that the law be followed is treated as a suggestion. Goodness !!

I am stunned to the point of numbness. I have been trying to avoid a PIL at all cost. But this is pushing me to a corner. I'll be forced to file a PIL.

God help!


Nischal said...
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Nischal said...

It is really sad to know, for all that we know, it matters!!!

Wish you good luck.