Thursday, September 30, 2010

CWG headache

Sarkar needs all sort of excuses to intimidate you and me who do not care to know their rights.
These babus will pass anti-privacy laws just to tell you that terrorists need to be caught. They'll allow policemen to arrest without warrant for six months because real evidence can't be produced against terrorist and then use this same law to arrest a man who has written support from nobel prize winners.

Latest trick these babus have played is the 2000 bucks fine or jail if you drive in the CWG blue lane.

Let me tell you the police can't do it and they can get lost.

To impose penalty or restrain liberty(by putting in jail) of an individual the police needs to have a law debated and passed in the assembly. They just can't pass an order saying that because my mother was ill and I forgot to manage the CWG games therefore in this emergency situation citizen's will be jailed or fined heavily if they drive in the blue lane.

Secondly, they are passing orders under section 144 CrPc which is different from Motor Vehicles Act. So these white clothed bribesmen can't impound your vehicle or cut you the white slip for violating traffic laws. They just can't do it.

So if they do catch you doing it insist on a lawful receipt.

Thirdly, even their uncles can't arrest you or fine more than Rs 200 because they can arrest only by the power by IPC 188 for violating an order. But that power to arrest can only come once they get a permission from a court which has to first check that you did violate an order.

Technically, police can't arrest you or fine you directly because they saw you doing it. They have to ask the court before doing that.

Don't let these guys make a fool out of you.

Because they made a mess out of CWG so they decided not to debate in the assembly and just go ahead with these restrictions is unacceptable.

They can get lost!