Thursday, July 29, 2010

The ball is rolling now..

I had all these discussions on things not working and what not and then they got lost in nothingness. That’s no way. Action must follow reasoning. Reasoning’s useless otherwise.

The broad question of system not working had to be boiled down to simple queries that can be answered in writing and in black and white. The analysis can get too vague and therefore what is subjective had to be ruled out immediately.

This approach led to 3 specific questions at the end of a long and deep research and shared in some form in the video added to this site.

The first being, “How can the court itself violate the constitution?”. This question is still too vague. But I am not boiling it down further to a specific question simply because the court has already answered in few judgments that in “interest of justice” it has the power to overlook the provisions of the constitution. So there’s a full stop here on this first question for now.

I have always known that roads to disasters are paved with good intentions. In our case, roads to disaster of India could be paved by good intentions of the courts.

The second question being, “How can the election commission of India toss a coin as a judge to resolve dispute between two small or new parties?” This question also needs simplifying. I know for a lot of people this question is simple enough to be understood by even the dumbest and that the bias against hopeful starts by election commission is clear.

But election commission, who is answerable to no one, can easily brush it off that they are judges only for big parties while being only administrators for those hopeful starts. I might need a little help here in making the question 2 simpler therefore.

The third question being, “Who is the competent authority to appoint the Cabinet Secretary?” This question is the summation and culmination where all this analysis converges. I could give up following up on question number 1 and question number 2 just for the sake of this question. This is most specific I can get and hits right at the heart of the reason of all the nonsense happening in this country. Its cold logic meeting the practically invincible jugaad and chalta hai mentality of India.

When I’ll fight on the side of this question the politician or their mandarins will come up with all the jugaad to avoid giving a specific answer. When, and its not if, I do escalate it to the relevant persons or the court maybe, they will give me the chalta hai, ismein dikkat kya hai dialogue.

I have already acted anyway.

An RTI was filed at Cabinet Secretary office asking this 3rd question specifically on 7th June. I had also filed a similar RTI with Department of Personnel and Training(DoPT), earlier on 18th May as well.

Those sarkari people over there while accepting the RTI said that why are you filing an application for asking a GK question because everyone knows that Prime Minister appoints the Cabinet Secretary. I had to tell the bumheads that no minister, including the Prime Minister has the power to appoint any sarkari officer. So they then asked each other, who does it? I said I know but I would want your department to tell me who is it.

These questions may look innocuous but have the greatest potential. Even the officials in the highest government office are a little lost about it.

Watch this space.