Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Baby sing a song

Ever felt that some songs were created for someone just like you ? There have been songs striking in some memorable moments in my zindagi that I couldn't help thinking that such and such composition was made just for me.

There was this one related incident when this banjara was travelling, alone as usual, in a train. I had a reserved window seat in the almost empty air conditioned quiet coach. Quite comfy it was and I had little else to do in that long journey. Whiling my time by looking outside the window I was and 'think when one does that for long in a train one does get kinda romantic and brooding. 'Guess it has do with the idle mind playing games. Or the fields outside reminding you of songs that you could sing in. Or just the concept of travelling itself might be enough to activate our romantic DNA . I don't know. What I do know is that there I was getting into a brooding mood just by looking outside the window. And in there at some moment, I did what I do very easily and often. Ignore the rest of the world and sing, that is.

The song on my vocal chords was pyar mujhse kiya to kya paoge. I couldn't have cared lesser of the world than on that day in that particular journey. And just when I had started humming the song , it began to pull the strings of my inexperienced heart.

Mere haalaat ki aandhi mein bikhar jaoge. There weren't better lines in the whole wide world which could have described my state then in better words.

I had already struggled enough in my sole existence, away from family for 16 long vagabond years for a future yet to start then, to render the dard in ranj aur dard ki basti ka main baashinda hoon, woh to bus main hoon jo iss halaat mein bhi zinda hoon.
And then she was rich. And beautiful. For sure she could have found a better prospect elsewhere. Ek main kya abhi aayenge diwaane kitne...

And somewhere down the song I sang out with all my heart... kyon mere saath koi pareshan rahe.

And somewhere later... humsafar mujhko banaoge to pachtaoge.

And in that train journey I had forgotten that there was a world around.

Then this guy joined in my solo performance. He is usually called as the TT in trains. :) Man, he must have been hearing my soul stirring renderings for a little longer than usual. He just appeared when I was ending the song with mere haalaat ki aandhi mein bikhar jaoge. Instead of asking for my ticket as he was supposed to, this TT fellow picked the timing from there. And with his not-a-bad voice he continued with Pyar mujhse kiya again.

I was obviously surprised and couldn't help feeling embarrased lest he caught my dard-e-dil in open. But if given a choice between taking life seriously or taking it lightly, I have always chosen to take life lightly. So I decided not to feel embarrased and told him that he and I should sing that song together now.
And so we did indeed. The TT and I sang it again, word by word, in that reserved window seat in the almost empty air conditioned quiet coach.

It was a wonderful duet and a memorable journey!

There are a few more songs which my other friends have talked in similar vein. Humein tumse pyar kitna and hum tumhe chahte hain aise figure the most in stories of most of my friends who have wanted to propose to their girlfriends by a song. And then there's all time favourite serenade tumse mil kar , armaan hue poore dil ke. Innumerable of the girl kind have been floored, I guess, by this piece.

So gaya ye jahan, so gaya aasman has surely been written keeping in mind all the student bus trips and papa kehte hain for all the final year farewells. And whenever you want to get a group of boys on a high sing pyar humein kiss mod pur le aaya. Every guy loves the part of battiyan bujhane wali jaane kab aayegi, battiyan bhujhane se bhi neend nahi aati hai. In fact this song was our student anthem in IIM Lucknow. We can easily relate to the indiscipline in that song. :)

Girls who sing well ,I have noticed, almost always sing Aaj jaane ki zidd na karo if requested to sing in get-togethers. And if you want to get a gang of girls on a high play the song mann kyon mehka aadhi raat ko. Girls, I guess, like all the girly songs. Some of these songs are made just for them only. :)

Apni to daaru parties are never complete without yaar log singing the lines kisse hai hosh usse saamne to laayo zara, nasha hai sabmein bus rang nashe ka hai juda. Followed by jaise hawa pur khushboo ka, aur baadal pur hai rimjhim ka nasha, kahin suroor hai khushiyon ka, kahin gum ka nasha.

There are more, and I am sure I am missing out a lot of gems made specially for us in special moments. Zindagi has been so much better after internet and mp3's. We have such an easy access to the best collection in the galaxy. Hope they don't stop coming.

Till then Gaata rahe mera dil....!