Saturday, August 21, 2010

Entering the unknown

I had asked that question to sarkar who issues orders appointing Cabinet Secretary? And they had given a vague non-specific reply.

I followed it up with a so called appeal on 19th of last month and I have now even got a reply from the department on my appeal filed.

They are saying basically now that you are making a fuss around here, and that there's a difference between who orders and who issues orders. And I looked into the mirror and thought that do I look that stupid as these guys think I am.

The recent reply goes on to say that Prime Minister approves the appointment and then some Under Secy issues the orders.

I am going to ask them then why didn't they tell specifically exactly which Under Secy issues the order in that case. They still know they can't tell because there really is no difference between the person authorized to order and person authorized to issue order. And if there really is a difference, then why don't they tell us who orders the appointment in that case?

Actually, so far these responses from the departments were predictable because you can't really expect machine-heads sloths to think at level of constitution and Westminster Parliamentary system and all.

Now, the appeal is supposed to go to Wajahat Habibullah, the CIC himself , in person and not to any other Information Commissioner. A google showd that he has been a student of history and constitution in J&K before joining the IAS in the 60s.

I am preparing the appeal nowadays and gathering evidence to convince him. So far I have found that I am on the right track because the official websites of UK and Canadian government , which follow the same Parliamentary system and which Supreme court usually refers to in constitutional cases, show appointments of Cabinet Secretary is made by the Queen and Governor-General respectively and not the Prime Minister.

Evidence is pointing in the direction that junior really does not even issue order of appointing his own senior anywhere.

The next mile is unchartered territory. I don't know what is ahead.

Wish me luck.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Sarkari brains!

I got a reply from those sarkari ppl. And boy, did I get them all confused officially? I was loving it.

A simpleton like me got the highest departments of Govt of India confused and shifting responsibilities on each other.

And that too on a question which those sarkari bumheads thought as GK question which even a kid could have answered.

Following is the string of events that happened which brought the Cabinet Secretary department and DoPT(Department of Personnel and Training) shifting responsibilities on each other

1) 18th May - I file an RTI with DoPT asking which chap appoints Cabinet Secretary?

2) 7th June - Similar RTI query is sent to Cabinet Secretary office as well( I got to
roam around Rashtrapati Bhavan. That was a real good bonus on this urban adventure. Usually you can only get to peek through those iron gates at the west end of the Rajpath.)

3) 9th June - DoPT decides to send my letter to Cabinet Secretary office as they can't
figure out for themselves the GK question which any kid should have answered.

4) 17th June - Cabinet Secretary department sends that letter back to DoPT saying they really don't know who appoints their boss and they tell DoPT that DoPT has to really answer this GK question which any kid should have answered. They send even my letter of 9th June to DoPT as well.

Sarkari bumheads playing football with my RTI application with time running out to score a goal.


On another RTI query regarding election commission, its leading to some other little adventure. Delhi is best place to do all this stuff. I am figuring out that few sarkari fellows of Delhi are little bit more helpful than anywhere. Some of them led me right up to the cabinet of files where original election records are kept. And they love to yakkity-yak in their bureaucratic free time. Some cards have been exchanged but I am secretly hoping that they don't call up my office. :)

Hope to see Wajahat Habibullah, the man who makes these fellows answer, soon.