Thursday, May 27, 2010

More to come..

I have been collecting views and counterviews on my writeups. First piece on constitution designed well but ignored as well was published on at this link.

There have been a lots of exchanges on this topic with readers, some of whom wanted to know few real hard facts as well.

The second writeup an open and outright flouting of the constitution is also now out on the , as the cover story "The Blind side". It has got some verifiable information with the facts which you can google up as well.

There's more research content which show more stupidity in the government.

But our approach to solving these logical problems has to be through comprehensible questions.

With that approach, the other day I asked Nishant, a bright but lazy colleague, that how come only the media is speaking for the plight of the naxal tribals forced to take up violence while nobody cares to ask their smaller MPs and MLAs for not even speaking for the tribals in the parliament.

Why are only Chidambaram and Jyoti Basu speaking on naxalism? Where are their smaller politicians hiding?

Nishant didn't care much. And that, for me, is a bigger problem to solve.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Why the hell has nobody ever asked these questions...

There are simple things which need to be followed. Man on the street will hardly ever understand the constitution. Most lawyers hardly do. Though the one who do are mostly lawyers.

Here are a few questions which I hope somebody is going to ask an MP or an election commissioner or in the Parliament.

Q1) Why the hell does a new party have to choose from a list of symbols released by the Election Commission and thus have its own symbol out of the "free symbols" list maintained by the EC?

Q2) If two or more independent candidates want to share an election symbol without forming a party, and are willing to give that in writing why does the election commission have to still give them different symbols by drawing random lots?

I know you chaps are surprised by the first question. I thought a new party is free to choose symbols closely resembling whatever it believes in. But then look at this link here(and jump to page 78 of the page that opens) of the election commission official website. Your new party's choice of symbols is restricted to the EC's choices listed here. I didn't know that at all. And it is kind of dumb of us to accept that restriction.

The second question makes me think of divide and rule. If two or three chaps want to have a common symbol without forming a party (and therefore have a party president who controls the rest) then forcing them to choose separate symbols is like Lord Curzon or Aurangzeb forcing animosity on people who are willing to sort out their differences their own way.

If we don't have a problem, then whats your damn problem, EC man ?

Why can't me and my friends, if we ever choose to contest elections, have our own common symbol which nobody else wants?

Monday, May 03, 2010

Here's the clue to the solving the corruption problem, mathematically

A few blogs ago, I had posted an open treat for hungry folks who could answer my 3 specific and defined questions on the system being followed.

People tried but no one gave a verifiable answer. Answers were given in the comments. My erudite dost Abhishek Singhal came close I think though.

I had a clear suspicion of poor mathematical(almost) logic lurking somewhere. Since constitution is logically ok. That is, it does not give an individual minister any power at all. It gives power to Cabinet only.

Even the cabinet is not capable of using its power without formal approval of sarkari officers or the President. So there was no way by which an individual minister can get any power without support, and not submission, from the sarkari officer or the President.

Since power breeds corruption, therefore logically, individual minister could not have gotten so much power to be so much corrupt in India.

That is why I had posted those questions in that blog.

Having spent days in the Central Secretariat Library at Shastri Bhavan , hunting in the Gazettes of India, I fished out what I was looking for i.e. the method, by which ministers get to tower over the sarkari officers, and get their submission without the need of getting their support.

Obviously, as expected from above mentioned inferences and assumptions, it was illogical.

Here is the excerpt of one such order from the Gazette of India
Gazette of Indian Govt
Saturday: Oct 4 - Oct 10, 2008 ( Asvina 12, 1930)
Part 1- Sec II
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
Department of Personnel and Training
New Delhi, 19th September 2008
No A-32013/7/2008 - Ad.(I)(G) The President is pleased to appoint Shri Rahul Sarin, IAS(JH:74), as Secretary, Department of Personnel and Training (Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions) with effect from the afternoon of 13 September 2008 until further orders.
Signed by
Harish Chander
(Under Secretary)
Now, you won't probably see anything wrong with such an order to start with. In fact, even government officials do not see anything wrong with such an order when they see it, since it based on clear and open rules which anybody can inspect.
But the question is : Do you see it? You are the free mind. You are not bound by the rules and definitely not your mind. Can you fly? Higher than the government officials and see a larger picture here?
Not holding anything against Rahul Sarin or Harish Chander. I am sure they are great chaps.They have just followed the rules. There are other orders similar to this I am sure in other persons' names.
The process is in question here. Not the persons.
A mathematical eye should definetely notice , in the first place, that this order for appointment of a Secretary has been signed by an Under Secretary of the same department, who is actually lower in rank and reports into the same senior whom he is appointing.
The mathematican with constitution in his hand, should further be able to predict similar illogical process emnating from this one.
For example, that this poor application of logic, likely happens in only this department of all the babudom in India. You know why? Because it is this department which does transfers and appointments of all the sarkari officers.
Multiply this illogical process into State levels as well, and you begin to know why corruption is pervasive across India.
Eliminate other countries following similar Parliamentary Westminister system but not following this poor logical process and you'll know why corruption is occuring in our country whereas other countries having similar constitution as ours do not have it.
You have a reason to speak now. And I have a responsibility to show you how you not speaking keeps too much burden on the courts to correct the system.
There are more examples ahead.