Thursday, May 27, 2010

More to come..

I have been collecting views and counterviews on my writeups. First piece on constitution designed well but ignored as well was published on at this link.

There have been a lots of exchanges on this topic with readers, some of whom wanted to know few real hard facts as well.

The second writeup an open and outright flouting of the constitution is also now out on the , as the cover story "The Blind side". It has got some verifiable information with the facts which you can google up as well.

There's more research content which show more stupidity in the government.

But our approach to solving these logical problems has to be through comprehensible questions.

With that approach, the other day I asked Nishant, a bright but lazy colleague, that how come only the media is speaking for the plight of the naxal tribals forced to take up violence while nobody cares to ask their smaller MPs and MLAs for not even speaking for the tribals in the parliament.

Why are only Chidambaram and Jyoti Basu speaking on naxalism? Where are their smaller politicians hiding?

Nishant didn't care much. And that, for me, is a bigger problem to solve.

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Sari said...

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"Nishant didn't care much. And that, for me, is a bigger problem to solve
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