Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Cabinet Secretary is being appointed

Ajit Kumar Seth has been approved to be the next Cabinet Secretary. The government's communication is here .

I had already sent reminders to the government that they themselves agree that the President should appoint the Cabinet Secretary. Now after the above mentioned Prime Minister's approval to the appointment the President must appoint Sh Ajit Kumar Seth.

I have sent another reminder today which is pasted below. I am keeping what I am doing in public because you must know whats going on in real time now.

Dear Sir,

This is with reference to my grievance registration number DOPAT/E/2011/00131 and in reference to approval of appointment of Mr Ajit Kumar Seth to the post of Cabinet secretary vide Secretariat of Appointments Committee of the Cabinet(ACC) communication No 15/10/2011-EO(SM.I) dated 24th May 2011.

Kindly note that the President is the appointing authority of Cabinet Secretary per information provided under RTI Act. The above mentioned communication number of ACC is also sent to the President’s Secretariat. Shri Ajit Kumar Seth is approved to take charge from 13th June, 2011. Kindly ensure that the law of the land is followed by having the appointing authority to appoint Mr Ajit Kumar Seth as the next Cabinet Secretary as approved by the ACC. The President can hold no discretion in this matter of his/her own as the President is bound by advice of his/her ministers.

This is my second reminder to you on the subject for providing a redressal of my grievance.

With regards,
Milan Gupta.

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