Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Royally dumb

Once upon a time in a beautiful country where sparkling rivers ran across green mountains, there ruled a sense of reason. As the winds of change blew across the reign, that rule was taken over by dark forces of passion. The dark forces never really usurped the rule because the people of the kingdom loved a sense of reason as their ruler. So the forces always did everything in the name of a sense of reason.

Then came a day when a chief secretary extended his own tenure without agreeing with sense of reason. Sense of reason expressed clearly that tenure would not be extended , yet the chief secretary, influenced by dark forces of passion, issued orders and boldly, on behalf of sense of reason.

When sense of reason approached the courts then the court of the kingdom upheld that order as valid even if he issued it for himself.

The people did not bother because it was still the rule of sense of reason after all. They never saw that dark forces of passion had overtaken sense of reason, and rule was in the name of sense of reason only in name.

The kingdom is Tamil Nadu. The judgment is on .
A chief secretary extended his own tenure, and the court did not have a problem with that.

Dark forces of politics had overtaken the reason of the constitution.

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