Wednesday, April 28, 2010


My company is into auditing. Nowadays there's a recession.Therefore my colleagues are very vella.

Some vella person asked this question making me undoubt his stupidity (there's a spark of genius in every dhakkan, i guess)"Why can't government print more money to remove all this gareebi?"
People have become so vella nowadays to suggest Indian government should do the ISI's job of printing the money now, I thought. (I'll come to the genius spark later.)

Another colleague, whose mouth moves faster than his mind suggested that we should declare 1 Rupee = 1 Dollar , and that will make our economy at par with the world economy.

And now I have taken up a policy of giving short answers to such short questions. The damn deal is to make that short answer.

So answer1 to query 1 of removing gareebi by printing money is
A1) Printed money when handed over to the finite gareeb people will remove their gareebi is a sure thing. When the gareeb people will use the new money, major mehngai will set in and will be maintained because of higher circulation of money. This will make the next generation of the current gareeb people even more gareeb because by then the current gareeb people would have used up much of their printed money but higher mehngai would have left their saved stockpile of cash as lesser useful.

So, printing money will cause more despair to gareeb folks after some time. Thats why printing money is never a solution. And which ever dumb minister ever orders printing it, should be asked to sing his songs outside the parliament, near the chandni chowk gurudwara or something.

Query 2) Wouldn't declaring 1 Rupee = 1 dollar make us come to terms with world economy?
A2) Sundar ladkiyon waali akal paayi hai iss bande ne! Mere baap, if you declare 1 Rupee = 1 dollar then you'll have to give 1 dollar for every 1 rupee that any angrez tourist presents to the government. Now swear on your appraisal if you think that the government has so many dollars to pay for every rupee that we have.
Basically, other countries judge us by amount of dollars we have, not Rupees.
Declaring without thinking enough is for motormouths. Simple demand, supply and commerce will make you see stars in daytime if you declare so.

There are more questions which my intellectual team members keep asking. Will keep posted on them as well.

Answers were long. Pur I am trying, yaar! :)


Nischal said...

I think my questions to you have always been more intelligent (gauging by the questions you've been asked by people these days!!!)

Nischal said...

And as far as printing currency is nconcernes, I, for sure remember one case in Russia whn it was printed so excessively that people started burning them for surviving in cold as it could not buy even a small piece of meat. :)

Milan said...

My readership,even if low in numbers, is definitely intelligent! :)

Russia and even Germany went through that during World Was I.

And do you know, a small town called as Worgl in Germany avoided the economic ruin,inspite of chaos all around, by simply backing the currency with a sack of coal. Paper and useless currency suddenly got a tangible value!

Nischal said...