Saturday, August 13, 2011

Press coverage: I hope it catches

Some journos from Dainik Jagran contacted me from my hometown. They had heard and were impressed with the work that I am doing on these senior level appointments linking with Constitution and firing the volley of RTIs at the government( My blog is almost full of that. For those who don't know, my RTI applications are never related to corruption and are highly non-direct. I am trying to make the system work as per the Constitution at the top level in the government with almost no change. The rest of correction to the bottom, my assumption is, will follow in due time.)

Apparently, the newspaper was doing a coverage on a new freedom struggle. I felt honoured to be associated with this phrase. I have always maintained that just everyday minor vigilance is enough. Not too big a fan of a one time struggle and a happily everafter theory. The journalist got my contact through a friend he knew ,who is himself a nutty chap, and requested a telephonic session since I was at Delhi.

I gladly obliged.

The scan copy of the article is shown on this page for your check. There are some minor errors made in this report. I'll be filing a petition in Delhi High Court, not in Supreme Court. He made me younger by a year too though I don't mind that. :)


RackTheBrain said...

Excellent, we are proud of you for your efforts.
Abhinav & Dipti

sameer2230 said...

अत्यंत सराहनीय

PT said...

.. u knw... u inspire the likes of us to stand up and do sth abt it.... i tell u .. sooner or later sth got to give... gr8 work !!

Rahul Goenka said...


chhota khol bade bol said...

milan, bahut-bahut badhai, tumhari samaj aur desh k prati jagrati aur jimmedari k ahsaas se mai na kewal abhibhoot hu balki tumhare prayaaso se mujhe inspiration bhi mil rahi hai. mere jaise aur bahut se logo ki shubhkaamnai bhi hamesha tumhare saath hai aur kabhi jaroorat ho to 1 awaaz dena apne saath ,desh k liye jaagrook lakho log , khade paaoge.
bahut-bahut aashirwaad aur shubhkaamnai tmhare bade bhai ki taraf se.........tumhare prayaas rang laayenge.