Wednesday, March 02, 2011

My date with history

7th March 2011

The date is set. In five days from today I'll attack at the weakest point in the system.

The weakness that has gone unnoticed for decades, hidden deep beneath clauses on which rules formed by articles of the constitution are run;
the assumptions which were never verified, and taken for granted.

It was a fatal weakness introduced on 20th Aug 1947, just 5 days after independence.

The results will have gargantuan effect. Suddenly, surreptiously, slowly this will have its effect. It contains truth. It will not be stoppable.

At the very top in the brain centre of this system, an almost insignificant small wire was hooked to a wrong end. Wrong it was, because the hooking done on 20th Aug , 1947 did not have any precedent nor any legal basis.

It just went unnoticed. Because it directly affected none. Because it was marked "confidential." And it set in. It let a culture develop. And we mistook that culture as culture of corruption inherent in our genes. Uncorrectable corruption problem, for decades, so it must be our genes, so we thought.

We, the people, are not corrupt in culture or genes. Its not in my genes and its not in yours. It never was, never will be.

The Indian corruption phenomenon is a symptom of that easily correctable error which does not require any law to be brought in, not a notification is needed.

I'll be telling this story for a long time to come.
If I win, we win. If I lose, I lose. Hope will still prevail.

My date with history is set.


Anonymous said...

did WE win or we lost ?

Milan said...

I lost. Awaiting for the copy of the judgment. Will upload it here as soon as I receive it.

I am still moving. Got to.

Anonymous said...

Clueless for clause of our constitution!
Read the judgement copy!
Alas! There is nothing relevant to read in the piece of paper!