Friday, June 11, 2010

Bhopal Gas Tragedy & the dumbing down thats happening in the media

Shit is flying around! Bloody asses, those media-wallahs!

What do they think? I am some dumb duck to be taken wherever they want me to be shown around?

Bhopal Gas tragedy judgment came about 4-5 days ago. It was just 2 years of punishment that was given by the judge to the accused. The media reported this nonsensical judgment, and even printed in the papers that what an injustice it was.

And then, like some bloody thick headed bunch of elites, they shift the focus away from the stupidity in the judgment to how the hell did that Anderson chap get away in the first place?

Abbey ye aur inke baap log so rahe the 24 saalon se? That Anderson had escaped in 1984 and its now they bring up this issue? Do they think I am dumb enough to accept that they didn't know that Anderson had really been out and having fun in the US till this judgment came 4-5 days ago?

Worse, the people are crying because of the poor punishment awarded and these media wallahs are crying about Anderson escaping now?

All these politicians and media are bloody mixed up. No damn channel in this country is talking about why weren't the company and directors charged under the toughest laws available in the first place?

The company and directors were charged for culpable homicide not amounting to murder, negligence and such accusations for which silly car drivers get charged when they hit people unknowingly.

Obviously, the punishment had to be mild because the charges were! Doesn't anybody see through this??

I am not surprised by the court's judgment. I am surprised by the media's dumbness!!

And instead now they have shifted focus from that basic thing to talking of how come Anderson made that exit and giving all the newsbytes to politicians and oppositions exchanging blame!

Ok. They want me to shift focus away from the poor charges filed in the first place and instead talk about politicians blame game. Lets do that then as well.

That Anderson chap was arrested and released on bail( promise to attend courts in lieu of a surety, of about some x rupees) in 1984.

Why was his passport not impounded then? Bloody this Sania Mirza's fiance came to Hyderabad last year to marry his chic, and his passport was impounded by his ex-girlfriend's false allegations never proven, whereas Mr Anderson was charged with responsibility of thousands of death, and yet his passport was not impounded?

What kind of shit is that in avoiding these questions?

Media asses, can you see through this? NRIs passports get impounded by their wives over false accusations and yet you donkeys don't see any reason why Anderson's passport shouldn't have been impounded too!!!

You want me to talk more about that Anderson escape episode of 26 years ago!

All you media chaps want to do is give politicians and politics mileage on TV. Thats all you really want to do. Digvijay Singh said this, Rajeev Gandhi said that, Arjun Singh said this, and BJP is doing that about it. ALL ROYAL NONSENSE !!!!

If a Digvijay Singh or Arjun Singh is saying that they were acting on the instructions of Rajeev Gandhi to let Anderson get out of the country, then why don't you ask these two politicians that

" Even if we assume what you say is true( that Rajeev Gandhi did ask you to let Anderson get out of India), even then under which law of the country were you bound to act on Rajeev Gandhi ,the then Prime Minister?

Law and Order is a state subject as per Constitution of India. Which means that Rajeev Gandhi couldn't have ordered the Madhya Pradesh chief minister at all on this matter. And you politician's know that very well for your own good."

Who the hell are these media guys fooling? They are not asking these questions because they want to further deviate the issue into Rajeev Gandhi. And since he is dead. So will this matter be eventually. And media houses will be paid trucks-load of money to avoid these questions!
Already they are raising coverage about FIFA cup happening and the gold price staying put over 19,000.

I do not get deviated.

Here are my questions:

1) Why weren't the charges stringent enough in the first place? I don't expect 20 years jail for somebody accused for rash driving or killing someone while doing that. So I don't expect the court to award tough punishments to anyone on similar charges.

2) Why wasn't Anderson's passport impounded? Every Tom, Dick and Harry's wives/girlfriends can get their husbands/boyfriends passport impounded but the Madhya Pradesh government could not!

3) Why don't you shut up talking about dead man Rajeev Gandhi before telling me that which law in the country made the then CM bound by the PM's opinion?

Media. You suck!!

It's your job to ask these questions. And you are abysmally horrible in your job.
MORONS !!!!!


Anonymous said...

very true Milan
I agree... People have this habit of blaming it to the dead, bec he is definitely not going to come out of the grave. So easiest is to blame him..
Media should be the voice of the common man and not bloody puppets of these politicians or their rich counterparts
these allegations and questions should come from their end.
If they cant do this atleast do not misguide the public.
For them Sansaaaanii is the inn thing.
And very rightly said whya re these things coming up after so many yrs of suffering.
First media should be clear about wha is it that they want... what is it that is more imp for them
Andreson running away, other issues of the tragedy or ofcourse their fav issues like Amitabh Bachan sneezing or cat climbing the tree!!!!

sunshine said...

I agree to some of the points u mentioned ... and the questions you have raised....(1-3)

It is extremely imp for media not be a mere puppet... in the hands of.. ah well...

It is extremely imp for media to understand its power and responsibility....